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Why Are Dentures a Good Solution?

Dentures are replacements for your damaged or missing teeth, helping you to retain your oral health and good nutrition. Dentures offer several health benefits, including keeping your jawbone strong and allowing you to eat fairly normally. Your jawbone needs the daily pressure of teeth biting against one another to stay sturdy. Without that pressure, you lose bone density and strength, changing your health and your appearance. If you’re embarrassed to talk to others or smile widely because of your missing teeth, affordable quality dentures are also a good way to regain your self-confidence and broad smile.

Types of Dentures

Advances in dental technology give you many different options for dentures in Thorndale. Here are a few options you may discuss with our dentist:

Full or Partial Dentures

Full dentures, often called complete dentures, replace all of your teeth on your lower or upper jaw, while partials simply replace a few missing teeth. If you’re missing nearly all of your teeth on the upper or lower jaw, a full set is probably best for you.

Implant-supported or Conventional; Metal or Flexible

Next, our dentist will help you decide on the type of denture that’s best for you. A full conventional denture rests directly on your gums, secured with denture adhesive. Your full denture can also attach to posts surgically implanted into your jaw.

Dentures can also be implant-supported, but traditional partials with metal plate bases or flexible partial dentures are more common. Both metal and flexible plastic partials attach to your gums with clasps that wrap around healthy adjacent teeth. Some patients prefer a flexible plastic denture over metal because it’s more pliable and comfortable.

Acrylic Resin or Porcelain

You may also be given a choice of either acrylic resin or porcelain teeth. Acrylic resin often conforms better to your existing bite, but porcelain is more durable.

When Are All-on-Four Dentures a Good Option?

An All-on-Four denture is a type of implant-supported denture. It anchors to four dental implants to keep it secure. It’s especially stable for lower dentures that tend to be looser. If you’re concerned about maintaining your current jawbone strength and having strong biting power, an All-on-Four option is a good choice.

Are Dentures Economical?

Yes, dentures cost much less than a variety of alternatives. Several factors will determine the cost of your denture, including how much pre-treatment you require and the type of denture you select. Our dentist is happy to review costs with you as you decide what type of denture you need. Call our office for a consultation to get started on your restored smile and health.

What’s the Process for Getting Dentures?

Affordable quality dentures require a multi-step process. First, your teeth, gums and jaw are prepared for the denture. This may involve tooth extractions, crown placements or jawbone augmentation. After pre-treatment is complete and your gums have healed, an impression of your mouth is made. This impression guides the crafting of a few denture wax samples that you’ll try in to determine a good fit. Once you’ve selected the best wax sample, your permanent denture is made and delivered.

What Are the Benefits of a Soft Denture Reline?

A soft reline injects a cushioning buffer into the plate of your denture, helping it to fit more securely and comfortably. This is especially helpful when your denture is rubbing or shifting uncomfortably.

Our expert staff is always happy to talk with you about your dental health and restorative options, so schedule an appointment today. It’s never too soon to restore your confidence, smile and health.

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Patient Reviews
The best dentist office I ever been to, and ur in and out in 30 mins or less
Lasha A.
I always have a great experience at Gentle Dental of Thorndale! Everyone is always courteous and kind. Dr. Andrew In always explains everything to you in a way that is easy for your to understand!
Michael A.
Level of care provided is excellent.
Sarah O.
The office is very clean and organized. Also the staff are friendly.
Mhia G.
Dr. Was very professional assistant was very helpful and gental. Thanks great job.
David W.
My experience with Gentle Dental has always been 1st rate from all the employees I have dealt with which includes Katryna, Dr In, and the office mgr Hollie Cooper. I would recommend their office to […]
Donald M.
Everyone is very friendly and courteous at all times.
Michael A.
I love Dr In . He has been taking care of my family dental needs for over 10 years
Jessica C.
Been with this Dentist for as long as they been in practice. They are in the process of giving me my smile back, providing me with full upper and lower dentures. I would recommend them to ANYONE. […]
Vietta R.
I am so happy with the work they did to give me my smile back. Dr. In, Hollie, Ruth and all of the staff are very helpful and wonderful to deal with. I would definitely recommend the Thorndale office […]
Lora G.
I gave this score because I came in for an extraction, was scared to death, and I was made to feel very relaxed by both the Dr and his assistant. Thank you too much, I’m healing well and will […]
Linda R.
The dentist fixed my tooth quickly & efficiently.
Dawn M.
Everyone was very welcoming and kind . And on time.
Katherine M.
I feel very comfortable. The timed appointments are well scheduled and i also was seen without an appointment while my child was being seen. Thank you. I am very grateful for all the services.
Tammi C.
Fast, patient, and very skilled.
Everyone is always so nice and I was nervous but it was great, dentist is always great.
Diana M.
Every one I talked to from the time I scheduled to when I was done my appointment was extreamly nice .
Katherine M.
Everyone from the receptionist Lindsay to Dr.In everyone is so fantastic and friendly.
Kasie R.
I always have a pleasant experience and never have a problem getting an appointment
Shannan G.
Lindsay at the front desk was so nice and welcoming. Nicole, hygienist made me comfortable and had a great attitude and was so friendly! Thank you!
Charlotte A.
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