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Tooth Crowns in Thorndale

What Is a Dental Crown?

Tooth decay is sometimes so extensive that a filling is not sufficient to stop the damage. A tooth can also be left vulnerable if a large piece of the enamel is cracked or chipped off by some type of impact. In cases such as these, dentists use dental crowns. Patients might also get crowns for teeth that are aesthetically unappealing. A crown fits over the tooth, and many types of crowns cannot be differentiated from normal teeth.

Are Crowns a Specialty Procedure?

Fortunately, it is very easy to find a dentist who does crowns. They are one of the most important treatments in modern dentistry, so every dentist will have training on how to put them in. If you’re looking for a dentist to do a tooth crown in Thorndale, call our office for an appointment. One of our experienced dentists will help you explore every option for a dental crown procedure.

Are All Dental Crowns the Same?

Several types of dental crowns exist. Dentists choose a crown based on the patient’s preferences and the type of damage that afflicts the tooth.

Ceramic crown material—usually porcelain—is preferred by most patients, especially for a highly visible front tooth crown. This type of crown may be fused with a thin layer of metal underneath, boosting the longevity and durability of the bond.
Most gold crowns are molded from gold mixed with particles of other metals. Metal alloy crowns may not be as cosmetically appealing as porcelain crowns, but they are not without their advantages. These alloys are designed to provide a strong chewing surface that will not expand or contract when it is subjected to temperature changes from food or drinks. A gold crown tooth is also highly resistant to corrosion, breakage, and wear.

What Does a Tooth Crown Cost?

Most patients are understandably concerned about the financial aspect of having dental caps put in. It is not possible to give an exact quote without a thorough dental examination, so patients who are curious about the dental crown cost should come to our practice and let our dentists assess the damage to the teeth. Bear in mind that many dental insurance plans will partially cover the cost of a tooth crown, so be sure to bring your insurance card to your visit.

How Do Dentists Put Crowns On Teeth?

A dentist will start by preparing the surface of the tooth for the insertion of the crown. They will do this by removing any decayed tooth material, then removing a little bit more to create a clean margin. The crown will be designed to fit the tooth perfectly. In the meantime, your tooth will be protected by a temporary tooth cap. As soon as the permanent crown is finished, the dentist will remove the temporary cap and glue the crown to your tooth with a long-lasting dental cement.

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I love Dr In . He has been taking care of my family dental needs for over 10 years
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Everyone is always so nice and I was nervous but it was great, dentist is always great.
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Everyone is very friendly and courteous at all times.
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Staff friendly, competent. Very small wait time.
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Level of care provided is excellent.
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Always a Great Experience at Gentle Dental Thorndale. Very professional!
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I am so happy with the work they did to give me my smile back. Dr. In, Hollie, Ruth and all of the staff are very helpful and wonderful to deal with. I would definitely recommend the Thorndale office […]
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The best dentist office I ever been to, and ur in and out in 30 mins or less
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Everyone was very welcoming and kind . And on time.
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Fast, patient, and very skilled.
I always have a pleasant experience and never have a problem getting an appointment
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Dr. Was very professional assistant was very helpful and gental. Thanks great job.
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The office is very clean and organized. Also the staff are friendly.
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The dentist fixed my tooth quickly & efficiently.
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I feel very comfortable. The timed appointments are well scheduled and i also was seen without an appointment while my child was being seen. Thank you. I am very grateful for all the services.
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Every one I talked to from the time I scheduled to when I was done my appointment was extreamly nice .
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I always have a great experience at Gentle Dental of Thorndale! Everyone is always courteous and kind. Dr. Andrew In always explains everything to you in a way that is easy for your to understand!
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